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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Aitareya Upanishad

Aitareya is a relative short chapter in the book of Upanishads and has mostly to do with the true Self and how to become this god-like being. I am not going to quote any of this chapter but just lay down my take on it.

By being aware of consciousness you can transcend yourself and awaken to the true nature of pure consciousness. Thus, by known the true Self you transcend the sleeping state of human. Everyone is asleep before knowing and realizing the true Self. All people are going about doing this and that without being fully awake. Knowing you are not the body and the mind and all this thinking that's going on allows you to wake up and become one with God - the creator of all that is.

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Mibeloved said...

One thing that seems to be missing in your report on the Upanishads, is the names of the people involved in writing and also those who are mentioned by the writers.

Unless those names are irrelevant or if you feel it just has no place in the report.

Or perhaps those books were written by just energy in mid-space and no human agency was involved. That is interesting because some people in India say that the Vedas were not written by anyone. It just is.

Is this the case with the Upanishads?