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Thursday, October 24, 2013

There was an Old Woman

There was an old woman
who had a mole
on the bottom of her toe.

When she walked to the store
you could hear her complain,
"Oh dear, oh dear, I am in such pain."

She wondered what to do.
So she went to the doctor to seek a solution.
"Nothing can be done" was his conclusion.

She would sit for hours
with her toe in the river
but all it did was get bigger and bigger.

The toe and the mole
become very famous.
But soon they wondered
if it was contagious.

They took the old woman
and locked her away.
And there she stayed day after day.

Days turned into months
and months into years,
and finally the people had no more fears.

Everyone forgot about the old lady
until  one day they looked in the  prison
and saw the old woman was missin.

They looked high and low
but couldn't find the old woman
with the big toe and mole.

Where could she be they wondered.
Then someone saw the hole
that was dug by the mole.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It lies straight ahead

When you forget what you are
and your mind is full of thoughts,
catch your breath with one of them.

You know what is real
and what is not.
Be quiet and listen.

When you are full of yourself
and you are "Me" and "I",
stop with the acting.

The time has come
to lay down the load
and feel - really feel.

Don't be afraid
to let loose of it all -
the knots and the ties.

See it again,
how it glows!
It lies straight ahead.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

There is Always Room for You

There is always room for you
no matter how many are here.

You bring light into any hollow space
where there once was nothing but fear.

There is always room for you
because the likes of you is rare.

Come late, come early, come anytime
for when you are here, love is in the air.

There is always room for you
 at dawn, during the day, and nightfall.

Your kindness and gentleness
bring ease and comfort to us all. 

There is always room for you

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Heal Thyself

The mind and the breath are very powerful healing tools when used correctly. There is an old saying, "Where the mind goes the energy will follow." 

 While hiking in Colorado a few years ago my knee hurt so bad I couldn't go any further. I finally limped back to the automobile and drove to the cabin. I was familiar with the healing power of the mind and the breath so I lied down on the bed and concentrated on my knee. As I breathed in, I focused on my hurting knee and visualized my breath bringing in healing light. I would hold my breath for about 10 seconds and allow the energy to circulate around, in, and through the various tendons, ligaments, and bones of the knee. I would then breathe out and visualize toxins, poisons, and pain leaving the knee. I did this breathing practice for 30 minutes.

After the breathing practice I knew my knee was healed. It just felt okay. I called to my wife and said, "Let's go hiking up the mountain outside the cabin."  She said, "What about your knee?"  I replied, "It's okay now.  Let's give it a go."  We hiked all the way to the top, which took us about an hour, and I had no pain. The knee was like new.

I have used this breathing practice many times since then for a sprained ankle, torn rotator cuff muscles, pulled back and hamstring muscles, and even headaches.  I believe it could even work on internal organ problems like Parkinson's disease, kidney ailments, ruptured spinal discs, and much more. That's my hypothesis.   

Sunday, October 13, 2013

GO (cont'd)

Glucose and oxygen (GO) are the two most important molecules for life on Earth. Take one away and life ceases.

When you go about your daily activities GO goes to work where it is needed the most. As stated earlier, if you are working a particular set of muscles GO goes there. If you are thinking real hard it goes to the brain. When you get through eating a meal it goes to the stomach. By breathing correctly and using your mind correctly you can help direct and concentrate GO.  Here is how it works:

When you are lifting, doing yoga, biking, etc. the idea is to breath in right before contracting the target muscle and breathe out as you contract it. For example, you want to breathe in before you do a squat and breath out as you come up from the squat. The target muscle in this case would be the thigh muscle (quadriceps). 

The reason for this is simple. When you breathe in, oxygen is taken into the lungs, diffuses into the blood, and ends up in the cells. When you breathe out during the contraction phase of the movement, your belly comes in and your diaphragm goes up helping to force oxygen into the cells of the working muscles. 

A simple exercise to demonstrate breathing with movement is the Namaste' Press. Bring your hands together in front of your heart loosly touching your finger tips and heels of your hands together as you breathe in. Next, press your hands together very tightly as you breathe out. Repeat the movement several times with your eyes closed and see if you can feel the target muscles.  The target muscles are the chest and shoulders.

The Mind  

The mind is very powerful but it is seldom used subjectively. The mind is used by most people to solve problems and think outwardly using the senses. When the mind is used subjectively you allow your thoughts to project inwardly into your body focusing on various aspects of the body such as movement, sensations, images, feelings, and even pain.

While doing the Namaste' Press, focus all of your attention onto the target muscles (chest and shoulders) as you breathe in with the hands relaxed. Visualize bringing your breath into the muscles. And, at the same time, visualize energy flowing into the muscles with your breath.  As you breathe out squeezing your hands together visualize energy being squeezed out between your hands. As you do this exercise you should experience your whole body become increasingly energized. That's because energy is moving outwardly from the target muscles to the rest of your body.  

Next time we will take a look at how the mind and breath can be used for healing.


Friday, October 11, 2013


When you take a breath in, oxygen is transported from your lungs into your blood and carried to the cells of your body. The cells take in the oxygen and use it to remove excess hydrogen atoms that were produced during cellular respiration, growth, cell division, and hundreds of other vital functions. When the oxygen (02) combines with the hydrogen (H+), water (H20) is formed.  If this didn't happen H+ would accumulate and kill the cells. That is why oxygen is so vital to living, breathing cells. It takes the toxins out of the cells.

As all of this oxygen, hydrogen, and water exchange is taking place another very important thing is happening. Glucose is being transported into the cells and broken down into smaller and smaller molecules. The process of breaking down glucose releases energy in the form of electrons. The electrons run the machinery (movement, cell division, growth, etc.) of the cells.

Oxygen and glucose (OG) are not distributed equally to all cells. Some get more and some get less depending on the need at the time. For instance, if you are doing squats OG will be directed more toward your leg muscles and not so much to the muscles in your upper body parts. If you are sitting at a desk and studying hard, OG will be directed to your brain. What does all of this have to do with anything?

If you know how to breathe correctly when working out, doing yoga, walking, or just moving you can help the process of OG being directed toward the muscles or organs that need it the most. There are two principles involved in the process: breathing out during exertion and directing the flow of energy (OG) with your mind. That's right; the mind. 

Continued on the next post.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Double-slit experiment

I just finished reading an interesting paper about quantum physics and consciousness. The lead researcher, Dean Radin,  works at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, California.  The research team did six experiments focusing on how meditation can affect light as it passes through two small slits.  But first, let's look at some history.

Isaac Newton in 1687 proposed that light is made of very small particles called photons. In the early 1800s Thomas Young did an experiment with light and small slits and showed that light consisted of waves. In the early 1900s similar experiments to Young's was done and demonstrated that light can behave as either particles or waves depending on how the experiments are done. And then a little later, in the 1920s, physicists discovered that electrons act like waves when no one is watching and act like particles when someone is watching.  Click here!

Nobel laureate and one of the leading physicists of the 20th century, Eugene Wigner concluded that "The content of consciousness seems to be the ultimate universal reality."  And the Father of Quantum Mechanics Max Planck said, "Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature because we ourselves are part of the mystery that we are trying to solve."  So it looks like reality is a product of consciousness.

Now, getting back to the experiments done by Radin and his team.  They used a polarized laser beam as their light source and pointed it at two slits etched through metal foil. The slits were 10 microns wide (smaller than a human hair) and 200 microns apart. A 3,000 pixel camera was used to record the results.

They found that experienced meditators can influence the beam of light as it travels through the slits significantly greater than what nonmeditators could. "Meditators produced effects 2.5 times larger than those produced by nonmeditators. They could mentally block one of the slits in a contemplative way, or mentally 'push' the laser beam to cause it to go through one of the two slits rather than both." 

They did another experiment that is even more baffling. They set up the experiement in a sealed room and let it run without anyone present. Three months later they had meditators focus on the slits as they did before. They then looked at the video and discovered the beam of light going through one slit not both.  Think about that for awhile.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

We Live in Two Worlds

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile; I've been away in Montana visiting the grizzly bears.  However, while flying over this country and living in the mountains I had a lot of time to muse on what it means to be here now with all the magnificent beauty that surrounds us.

It dawned on me that there are two worlds in which we live: the non-spiritual world and the spiritual world. The non-spiritual world reflects egoistic behavior while the spiritual world reflects selfless behavior. I hasten to add, however, that they are not separate in the true sense of the word but rather tend to merge apart and together like clouds floating in and out of one another. Sometimes one is bigger and sometimes the other one is bigger.

The ego can become inactive, more or less, and we can be in the spiritual world temporarily but still in the non-spiritual world holding on by a thread, sort of in a state of limbo, between spiritual and non-spiritual worlds. The non-spiritual world is actually the manifestation of desires that originate in the mind. When the heart takes over, desires weaken and selflessness blossoms.

The non-spiritual world is not a separate world but rather a state in which one's soul yearns to return to its roots in the spiritual world, where it is in direct contact with the Creator, the selfless vitality of life. When you leave the non-spiritual world and go into the spiritual world, for however long it may be, you experience the transformation from egoism to selflessness and love. The experience is so profound that there is a desire to experience it more often and become closer to the Creator. A new and different kind of desire emerges, not from the mind but from the heart.

The desire for spirituality allows us to see clearly, and is the key to our transformation from egoism to selflessness. This is the only desire that will bring us closer to the Creator because it is both powerful and selfless. As we get closer to the Creator we will perceive reality differently. 

This process of transformation is what our soul yearns for with or without our knowing it. It is an innate process of evolution that may take several years, several decades, or maybe even several life times. Who knows? But it is there whether we like it or not and the process will occur whether we are aware of it or not. We don't even have to try. However, with awareness and active participation, we can help precipitate its unfolding and make it more compelling and satisfying. 

Through the practice of meditation and awareness we can get closer and closer to the spiritual world and merge with it sooner. This is the ability we have as humans, and we can take it or leave it. The desire for spirituality is the key ingredient for the transformation.