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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Who am I? cont'd

The question, who am I? discussed in the previous post was, on the whole, answered by saying I am the true Self. We are all the true Self but we may not realize it because of the grasp the ego has on us. What is in one individual is the same in all individuals - an eternal power that pervades the entire universe. Each individual human being must discover this for themself.

There is nothing absolutely stable, nothing permanent in us except for the knowing there is constant change. In us as well as in the universe there is ceaseless movement and change. Our bodies as well as our thoughts, emotions, feelings, desires, i.e., everything that combined roughly called the body and mind are constantly changing and moving; there is nothing absolutely stable and permanent except for the feeling that we have always been the same person no matter what our age. There has always been the feeling, or better yet the knowing, we are the same being from year to year. This unchanging presence is the very ground of our eternal existence. This is the true Self.

This is why we can experience the universe as something spreading deep within us as well as spreading out into boundless space even beyond the universe, beyond all stars and planets, beyond space and time. Everything is unlimited and constant yet forever changing. This is the one common ground we all have in common. That one common ground is the basis for the oft heard sayhing that we are all One.

If it is true that we are the unchanging as well as constant moving why does this ceaseless "going on" even exist? Is there a purpose for all of this stuff and all of this moving and changing? There cannot be movement without non-movement and there cannot be non-movement without movement. One without the other has no meaning. The system of movement and the system of non-movement are not two separate independent systems at all, but actually one system. They are one and the same.

To think of yourself as separate and independent from all else is an illusion of the mind because there is only one reality and that reality is oneness. Since we are all ultimate Beings and there is only one ultimate Being there cannot be many ultimate Beings. There is no division between movement and non-movement, between change and non-change, and between you and me.

Next, Why am I?

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William Lovett said...

The answer to Who am I can be explained this way. We are multi demensional beings, we exist on many different levels of consiousness at the same time.

The physical body and personality also called the ego is the primary repsrenstation most everyone has to who they are. The body is the result of genitics and DNA passed from parents, grandparents and so on for many generations. Our personality is formed by our family, society and education and experience.

The next level is the mind. The mind exist as part of the personality but is also seperate and operates independent of the body. Many people who have dysfunctional bodies still have a clear and strong mind. The mind is the interface with the astral plane where our spirit resides.

The mind is where all thoughts are expressed. The mind process thoughts as they come to you from the astral plane. All thoughts are brought to you by your understanding and beliefs as to what is acceptable to you.

The third state of consiousness is the astral plane, where your soul or spirit resides.This place is always available to you and can be accessed by meditation and contemplation. This part of you is the place that never dies and your resting place when life on earth is over.

The fourth level of consiousness is often called unity or cosmic consiousness. It is the stage of unity with all there is and ever will be. We are fundamentally pure energy and not bound by form.
We are infused with pure potentiality which is everything and at the same time has no individual definition. This consiousness can be found in deep meditation and dreamless sleep.

We are all these phases of consiousness at the same time. It just depends on where you put your attention as to which one you more strongly identify with.

If you think you are just the body and mind, that is only a small portion of who you really are. Go within and in the gap between the thoughts is the gateway to unity consiousness

Bill Lovett