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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Experience

The most beautiful truth is not about worldly facts but about the innermost experience of yourself. An intellectual conception is not as significant or interesting as an experience that finds the truth within you - the true Being. Is it really impossible to have definite answers to questions that are thought to be incontestable? Can an experience beyond consciousness and thoughts be described accurately with words. I believe it can. I am suggesting that it is possible to describe a subjective experience that is beyond consciousness and thoughts.

My experience with the subjective world is one of extreme clarity and beauty. With all senses nullified I exist in complete silence and go into a sea of tranquility. And then, in that one moment the answer appears; "There is no reason." There is no reason for things to exist. The human mind thinks there needs to be a reason or a purpose for things to exist. Don't get me wrong, I like to believe that human beings have a purpose for existing; that we are here to evolve into higher conscious beings, but that is still my mind at work. We may be evolving but accoring to my vision that is not why we exist.

When I am in deep tranquility and vividness I have a vision that everything in the universe and beyond is interconnected and it all interplays synergistically; each individual thought and action affects everything in the web of life and death one way or another. I see fields of energy throughout the universe connecting all things. But that doesn't mean interaction has a purpose. The whole mess of stuff and things moving and changing exist within no change. There is formless in the form, unchanching in the changing, nameless in a name and God in everything. By any other name it is still the same.

Each individual can reach his own answer by returning to the fundamental introspection of his own being and become totally aware of his own distinctiveness. Subjective innermost personal experience is necessary for understanding the Absolute.

Pure awareness, therefore, seems to me the best way for answers to all so called unanswerable questions. You cannot understand the truth until you have experienced it personally and inwardly. You can fool yourslef into thinking you know much more about who you are and why you exist, and so you over-estimate thinking and believe that the mind alone gives you a true explanation. But remember, the mind is wrong 99% of the time. You cannot find the answer to the ultimate question, "Why am I," until you go beyond the mind and take possession of the innermost experience of yourself.

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