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Friday, January 6, 2012

A Calm, Cool, Collected Mind

A calm, cool and collected mind gives you an extraordinary ability to control your thoughts and emotions.  When you are able to witness your thoughts as they arise and discern them, there are no thoughts that can cause you negative emotions.  Just for demonstration purposes let's say that someone cuts you off in traffic and then flips you the bird.  A negative thought immediately arises within your mind, something like, "Why that son of a b**ch, I'll show him."  You see the thought for what it is - a negative thought, and the anger and frustration subside as quick as they arose.  There have been people killed over stupid instances just like this one.  

A person receives stimuli from the environment by way of the senses and nerve impulses are sent to the brain.  The brain receives the messages, analyzes them and within a fraction of a second sends nerve impulses to a gland, a muscle, another part of the brain, or some other part of the body.  In the case of the scenario above, the brain sends an impulse to the adrenal gland, adrenalin is secreted and the whole body reacts.  If the chain reaction were to be cut short no reaction would occur.  This is where recognition of thoughts plays a very important role.  By recognizing the thought no one get hurt. 

I challenge any reader of this blog to describe another situation in which the ability to observe thoughts could prove beneficial.  I will send a free copy of You Can Develop Awareness to the winner. Just click on Comments at the bottom of this post and type away.  The winner will be announced in two weeks.

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