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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beyond the Observer

Ask someone, "Who are you?"- What makes you you?" - "Who are you really deep down?"  The answer is usually expressed as a combination of their past (what they have done and where they have been), their thoughts of the future (desires, dreads, fears, aspirations, and hopes), and what they are presently doing.  It is difficult for them to see beyond these concepts of their self.  

Going beyond the concept of the self is a mind expanding journey few people have experienced, yet it is one anyone can take.  As you know, the  objective world consists of things made of matter.  Awareness of this matter requires our senses of taste, smell, touch, sight, and hearing.  But there is another sense that we often forget we have, and that is the sense of consciousness.  By using consciousness you can transcend your self and awaken to the true nature of  what you truly are - beyond that of the observer.

You have a house but you are not your house.  You have legs but you are not your legs.  You have thoughts but you are not your thoughts.  You have emotions and feelings but you are not those emotions and feelings.  You cannot be the things you have.  So, where are you and what are you?  You are everywhere and you are everything. You don't realize this because your consciousness has been locked up in the self. You cannot discover your true essence until you let go of your irresistible desire to hold onto all the false projections that surround you. When you become free from the self you will unleash pure consciousness. 

In truth, you do not have anything because you are everything and everything is you.  Until you realize this you will continue to be locked up a slave to the material world.  You can realize the truth by knowing you are not the material world and you are not the observer of the material world.  You know you are not the material world because it is seen by the observer and you know you are not the observer because you are aware of the observer.  You are pure consciousness. 

It is an illusion that you are a body, with thoughts, a past, and a future.  It is an illusion that you were born and you will die.  The truth is, you exist eternally and pervade the entire universe. You will not understand this truth until you find it out for yourself.

                       "When you give yourself to practice through and through,
                       which means through and beyond feelings and thoughts,
                       little by little you begin to allow something great to surface,
                       something without beginning or end."
                       Jakusho Kwong

In the next post we will take a closer look at existing in pure consciousness.

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