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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Who is Me?

I ask myself, "Who is me?"  If I can observe my thoughts I must not be my thoughts.  If I can observe my feelings I must not my feelings. Who is the "I" that is doing the observing?  Anything that I can observe I cannot be. When I observe my house and my car I know I am definitely not them.  When I look at my arm it is not me.  But it is my arm and it is my house and it is my car.  But they are not me. They are mine, but not me.

Tell me the difference between you and your thoughts.  Tell me the difference between you and your body.  Do you know the difference?  Tell me if you  know.

Anything that you know cannot be you.  Can you observe your emotions, thoughts and memories from an objective distance.  "You" is the one doing the observing?  It is the observing Self, something beyond body and mind that never changes, regardless of thoughts, emotions, experiences, or senses. 

What is the difference between you and the observer?  If you can be aware of doing the observing, you must not be the observer.  You must be something more than the observer.  What is that something that is more?  It must be you.

In the next post we will delve deeper into what that "something" is.

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