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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Seeing Beyond Self

Looking out of the windows of your skull what do you see?  Are there objects and space between objects or is there something more?  The "something more" is beyond the objects and beyond your self. 

Self-centerdness is when it seems that reality is made up of only objects and space and everything revolves around the self.  The main reason for doing anything is to benefit the self.  There is no intention to help others unless something is received in return.

The self-centered "I" has no compassion for others.  Whatever is done is done for the sake of the self.
All energy (illustrated as dotted lines) is focused on and comes toward and into the self.

The opposite of the self-centered "I" is the compassionate self.  Everything is done for other beings.  One may be dying of starvation and still give sustenance to others.  In this case all of the energy is poured out from the individual self.  This person may say, "It makes me feel good to be compassionate."

The compassionate self is totally focused on helping others with very little concern for the self.  In this case one cannot accept compassion into his own little constricted "I".  Relief from suffering is found by "fixing" others.

By opening up and being aware of both self and others one can be compassionate toward the self as well as others.  Awareness allows energy to flow to and from the self. 

The aware self has compassion for the self as well as for others.  Energy flows in both directions.  There is twice as much energy and the self feels freer, energized, and full of life.

Going beyond the concept of the self one can see that the self and objects are the same thing.  Energy no longer flows and is no longer contained within objects.  This is pure awareness.

In pure awareness you are no longer constrained by concepts of objects and self.  The term "energy" is even a concept.  Everything is one and the same thing. Total and absolute freedom is realized.

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