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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Misery and Suffering

You must look beyond your self
if you ever want to get out of
misery and suffering. 

The self is the body and the mind.
It is all the beliefs that have accumulated
over the many, many years of life.

It is your values of what is good
and what is bad.
It is your feelings and emotions.

The self is nothing more than
an illusion created out of fear of
death and desperation of living.

It is time to stop the madness.
It is time to look beyond the self
and allow it to dissolve.

Where the self goes
so goes the ego.
They are inseparable.

To eliminate misery
and sufferring
you must rise above both.

Do not try to understand
by thinking.
Understand by not thinking.

The Self is universal.
It is the only reality.
It is beyond misery and suffering.

Concepts, beliefs, identity
are nothing but illusions -
mainstays of the ego-self.

You are eternal presence - now,
before birth and
after death.

When you discover
presence you will
discover Self.

Attachment to body,
to mind, to consciousness
is very strong.

Release their hold.
Allow presence
to fully appear.

The self and the ego
can be the source
of all misery and suffering.

They can also be
the source for all
love and compassion.

in order to know
the Self.

in order to know

The sense of "I"
is temporary.
"I Am" is constant.

There is no doer,
no achiever, or

Misery and suffering
lie within the ego,
within the self.

The ego-self
is the individual doer -
the individual achiever.

Rest in the Self.
Allow ego-self to be
passive and uninvolved.

Meditate on "I Am."
Meditate on the Self.
Meditate on spaciousness. 

When there is nothing
you still are.
You are the Absolute.

The ego believes
it is the self,
the doer, the thinker.

You know you are not
the self, the doer,
the thinker.

You are - - - - - - - - -

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