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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Old Man and the Quarter

There was an old man who worked in a bar cleaning the floors and the bathrooms.  The owner of the pub didn't pay him much but allowed him to drink as much beer as he wanted and sleep in the back room  He seemed congenial enough and everyone liked him but he never said much.  He would usually speak only when spoken to.

Patrons of the bar would play a game with the old man by showing him a bright shiny quarter and an old paper dollar and ask him which one he wanted.  He always wanted the bright shiny quarter.  He would smile and put the quarter in his pocket, they would laugh and snicker, and he would go about his cleaning. The quarter and dollar game went on for years.  One day the owner of the bar asked the old man why he always picked the quarter.  The old man explained to the owner that if he ever picked the dollar the game would be over.

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