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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Dying Man

The dying man
looked into the abyss,
and what he saw
gave him no bliss.

What he saw
he could not forget.
It was not happiness
but more like a threat.

Deep in the pit
was a very dark hole.
One that was familiar
yet startled his soul.

He knew what it was
and was afraid what he knew.
There in the blackness
 it shone through and through.

His heart leaped with joy
but yet there was fear,
that soon there would be
an end that was near.

"Come closer" he heard,
so he bent down to see
there in the hollow
lay all his debris.

Strewn here and there
were bits and pieces,
what once were
all the lost faces.

Friends and foes,
some happy some sad
reminded him -
what he once had.

He finally decided
to stand and look up.
Face away from
all the darkness and stuff.

There in the sky
looking down on him
was a light so bright
it blinded his sight.

He stood for some time
in a bewildered state,
not knowing what happened,
not knowing his fate.

Then, no earthly senses
and no worldly thoughts 
flooded his soul
from head to toe. 

He no longer had fear.
He no longer had dread.
There was a serene comfort
in knowing he was dead.

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