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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Health Mantra

Here is a great mantra that I find relaxing and healing. It's called the Health Mantra (Siri Gaitri Mantra), one of the oldest mantas from the Vedas dating back four thousand years. The first part of the mantra, Ra Ma Da Sa, expands every part of your being into heaven for healing any illness you may have. The second part, Sa Say So Hung, brings the healing qualities back to you.

If you click the video to the right you will hear Snatam Kaur sing it.

Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung

Ra - symbolizes the Sun. The Sun is the source of energy, life and warmth of the universe and purifies and energizes all beings.

Ma - symbolizes water. It is healing, cooling and nurturing.

Da - the Earth principle which provides calming and grounding of body and mind.

Sa - symbolizes air, sky and space. It is prana - the life force of the universe.

The second Sa is the turning point causing the spirit to descend from heaven back into the body for vitalizing it with healing life.

Say - is the pathway for the healing force to follow.

So - brings the healing force into your personal body.

Hung - comes in two parts: Hu, the vibrating force of God. It is sounded with the lips slowly coming lightly together while making a humming sound. The second part: ng, causes the sound Hung to vibrate in the head and down into the chest. This brings the vital force into all parts of the body. The vibrating sound "ng" is produced by bringing the back of the tongue up against the palate while opening the mouth.

As you chant the mantra, simply allow yourself to expand out into the universe and merge back with the healing force. Enjoy.

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