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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Five Experiences

Peoples' minds are in one of five places at any given time.  They can be driving a car,walking, talking, listening, meditating, reading a book - anything and their minds will be in one of five places (states of consciousness). 

Even while you are sleep your mind will be in one of these five states.  The five states are waking sleep, absorption, attention, awareness and pure awareness.

When you learn how to recognize these five states of consciousness, you will be able to recognize the moment you become aware.  And when you are able to recognize awareness you can practice staying there.  You can even go further in your practice and learn to stay in pure awareness. 
By closely examining these five different states you can see for yourself how they are separate but yet closely connected experiences.  Once you are capable of recognizing the five states, awareness and pure awareness become clear and identifiable. 


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