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Monday, May 28, 2012

Freedom from Confusion

The instant you get angry, anxious, depressed, annoyed or have any other negative emotion; stop for a moment and see if you can go outside your mind and observe the energy that's driving the emotional thought.  If you can, you will sense an expansion of awareness with a feeling of being lighter and more alive.  It is an awesome experience.  The act of observing thoughts and the energy of the emotions allows you to realize you are not the content of your mind.

We often have thoughts and forget that we are not actually those thoughts.  It's easy to become locked into the belief that we are our thoughts and emotions.  We forget that we are the observer as we become identified and fused.  By observing our emotions and thoughts from an objective distance we can free ourselves from the tenacious hold they have on us.  It is a freedom most people have never experienced.

Take a toilet paper tube and look through it with an open eye and the other shut.  This is what the world looks like when you are caught up in your thoughts and emotions - just a narrow opening to reality with everything else shut out.  Then take the tube away and open both eyes.  Go outside and look around at the sky and trees and anything else that happens to be in view.  Take in the wondrous world.  This is what it is like when you are not identified with thoughts and emotions. 

Let yourself experience freedom from a negative mind.  Take a deep breath and relax.  Step outside of the mind and observe your thoughts.  Feel the freshness of not being confined by them.

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