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Monday, April 22, 2013

Mindful Practice 10

Sex is a very intimate subject and can provoke all kinds of emotions when it is discussed.  So beware - don't read any further if you are squeamish reading about sex.

The Kama Sutra, an ancient Hindu sex manual dating back two thousand years considers sex a natural act between two consenting adults.  Sensually sexual pleasures were as much a part of life for Hindus as breathing and eating.  For them vastu (matter) and shakti (cosmic energy) come together when a man and a woman compatibly unite in sexual harmony.  With this remarkable sexual union of man and woman, prana (life force) is greatly enhanced for both participants. 

The Karma Sutra has been a practical guide for sexual intercourse for thousands of years and for millions of people.  It discusses love making, various types of embraces, kissing, oral sex, and 64 sexual positions.  For most people that would seem to be enough, but it is possible to go further, much further, in the enjoyment of love making.

Mindful Love Making (MLM) goes beyond the Kama Sutra and allows sexual partners to explore, even deeper, the joys of intimate love making.  No toys, no special embraces, or hundreds of different positions are needed.  The only thing required is mindfulness and allowing nature to guide the way.

In the human brain there is a region called the homunculus located in the cerebral cortex.  This region is responsible for receiving information from various sensory nerves of the body.  The largest and most sensitive areas of the homunculus are those that receive information from the fingers, lips, nipples, and genitals.  During love making these are the areas (the pleasure buttons) on which a mindful lover focuses.   Just remember the acronym FLNG (Fingers, Lips, Nipples, Genitalia).

 Lips kissing lips, sucking nipples, licking genitals, genitals on genitals, fingers on genitals, genitals on lips, and any combination thereof will guarantee supreme erogenous pleasure.  Being mindful, taking it slow and easy, and allowing time to explore as many pleasure buttons as possible is the key to the spice of love making.  Foreplay - getting there, is what creates passion which soon builds to a crescendo and finally to an impending orgasm making sex more fun and pleasurable than plain old penile insertion alone.  And isn't it the fullest sexual pleasure possible we are seeking for ourselves and our partner?

When both the female and male are sexually aroused toward a climax the brain releases oxytocin, a hormone that quickly precipitates into a full-blown orgasm lasting a glorious twenty seconds for the female and about six seconds for the male.  The female's clitoris becomes erect and pulsating waves encircle the vaginal wall.  The pulsating vagina activates every system in her brain creating shear joy and enormous pleasure that will last for hours and sometimes even days.

  In the male, the penis becomes engorged with blood enlarging to twice or more its normal size. The head of the penis (glans) is the same in origin (embryologically) as the clitoris.  Both are abundantly supplied with nerve endings and are highly sensitive.   With continuous rubbing of the glans, nerve impulses stimulate the prostate gland, seminal vesicles and vasdeferens.  These rubbery glands and tubes squeeze semen into the urethra of the penis.  This is the beginning of the orgasm for the male.  And then rrhythmic muscle contractions at the base of the penis squirts semen out of the penis while nerve impulses travel up the spine. This is ejaculation.  Although orgasm and ejaculation occur almost simultaneously they are not the same thing.  They are separate entities. But who cares?  It feels good.

In essence, if you want the ultimate experience in love making, practice MLM.

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