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Sunday, August 4, 2013


Although anger starts in the mind, your heart takes the brunt of the emotion. An event like an argument, someone breaking a precious article, or loud music when you are trying to read may trigger the anger emotion. Being the aware person that you are you might recognize the negative thought and let it pass but it can settle in the subconscious and work its way into the heart. 

The negative emotion (E-motion) is energy in motion and usually goes from the subconscious to the heart where it can fester and grow. Although you may think the anger is gone it can lie dormant in the heart and reappear at any time. 

If something triggers anger in you, and it keeps coming up, try this breathing technique for releasing that negative energy:

1.  Lie down.
2.  Breathe in deeply focusing on your heart.
3.  Guide the positive energy into your heart.
4.  Hold your breath.
5.  Visualize positive energy circulating in and around your heart.
6.  Breathe the negative energy out every cell and pore of your body. 
7.  Do this breathing practice 5-6 times.
8.  Lie still and reflect on what just happened.

Practice this breathing technique whenever you feel angry. 

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