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Friday, August 16, 2013

Take a walk with walking meditation.

Walking either by yourself or with others you can be in tune with all that is inside of you as well as outside of you. You can feel the pressure of your body pressing down on th toes while taking one step at a time slowly raising the other foot's heel.

This act of walking meditation happens ever so slowly. It is not meant to be fast, hurried, or laborious. Walking meditation is a deliberate, controlled action that involves all of the body, all of the senses with full awareness.

Walking with full awareness means allowing yourself freedom to be connected to the world, the universe, your body, and your breath. With this walking technique the thinking mind momentarily rests. 

Walk slowly with intention. Don't rush walking meditation. It is more meditation than is is walking. Become the bottom of the feet. The heel gives rise to the arch. The arch roles onto the ball and the ball passes to the toes. Your senses burst with enthusiasm and sensitivity. You can discover a whole new person living inside your body; one that is alive, alert, and curious.

As you walk allow awareness to flow throughout the body; up the legs, belly, back, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, and head. Notice how awareness flows like energy throughout, filling every pore and cell of your body. Allow awareness to flow out into the environment; being one with the air, sunlight, earth, grass, smalls, sounds, vibrations.

Stay loose and free. Let your breath flow naturally without trying to control it, yet, be aware of it. You may become the Witness of the walking body, the moving breath, and everything in the surroundings. Walking meditation is a way to become totally free from all the things that may bother you. Do it often.

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