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Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Wider and Deeper Here and Now

Mindfulness is an excellent way to be in the moment but it doesn't allow you to be completely open to your self and the surroundings. Mindfulness brings you into a narrow focus of an activity such as tasting a morsel of food, strolling along , riding a bicycle,  or listening to someone talk. Mindfulness brings you into the moment by allowing your mind to rest on an event, not thinking of the past or the future. The practice of mindfulness is very rewarding but it does require  a good degree of diligence and focus not to mention practice and persistence to master.  

There is an easier and more immediate way to be in the moment with a wider and deeper range of awareness than that of mindfulness. And you can do it anywhere and anytime. Simply notice your body and its energy and then open your awareness to your immediate surroundings.  You will automatically be in the moment internally and externally. While you are in this wide and open field of awareness you can even think and talk about the past and the future while maintaining the presence of Now. 

Feel the energy that is in your body from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet. Notice sensations in your hands and toes. Be aware of your breathing and then bring your awareness out into the open. Look and see what is around you. Listen to sounds. Feel the temperature on your skin. Smell odors that may be drifting in and out of your presence. You are now experiencing a wider and deeper Here and Now. 

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