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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Music makers needed for VA

I teach yoga at the Gainesville, Florida VA hospital and am in need of some music makers when we sing at the beginning of the class. There are 24 disabled veterans in the class; some have PTSD, some are in wheel chairs, and so on.  We sing and chant songs like "Mother I feel you under my feet," and
"We are connected."  I had a volunteer guitarist that was with us for nine months but he has gone on to do other things. I play the Native American Flute but to make it a more joyous event I thought that if each vet had a music maker like a jingle stick, tambourine, drum, shaker, or maraca it would get everyone involved.  We don't need anything fancy - just some simple music makers that anybody could play.

If you have a music maker laying around the house you aren't using we would appreciate your donation.  You can send it to me:  Neil Crenshaw, P.0. Box 799, 6369 E Place, McIntosh, FL32664.

Anything is appreciated.  Thank you.


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