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Friday, January 17, 2014


Descend into the darkness that envelopes your soul.
Fear not, for where it takes you is of no real concern.
Let yourself sink into the thoughts and the feelings
boiling up like molten lava from a cauldron of hot coal.  

Descend deeper not knowing where it's taking you.
Let it slide over your body - over your mind.
Descend and realize there is no need to fear
because you have a magnificent spirit within you.

And because you are a heavenly spirit and a godly saint
there is no need to worry and no need to dread.
The unknown is only an earthly notion
that makes mortal humans tremble and faint.

You are more, much more, than your untidy thoughts.
The ideas, notions, fears, and concerns that pervade
the essence of your being are nothing more than tiny
specks of dust - flecks of fracas that can tie you in knots.

The further you descend the more you will see
the truth behind the charade that appears to be real.
So go ahead and sink into the depths of the unknown.
The turmoil that surrounds you will soon flicker and flee.

Thoughts and loathsome concerns
are gone forever and will never return.
You are free now to forever live, love
and taste the delicious . . . sauternes.  



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