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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pure Awareness continued

There are various experiences possible in this knowing that you are one with everything. One is that you are in the space of awareness that contains everything. Some people might say this is the intimate feeling of being in the presence of a higher power while others might believe themselves to be part of an impartial and indifferent space we call the universe or cosmos. In another experience, you may "melt" into and become this vast space of awareness. In any case, the experience is one with all that is.

We may have a variety of possible labels for pure awareness but our concepts and interpretations do not really matter. These are simply conceptualizations that do not belong in the direct experience. Of course we are limited by our senses and experiences but we can have a profound love and appreciation for what extends beyond whatever we want to call it - the Almighty, the Creator, the Divine, God, the Great Mystery, or whatever. 

How would you describe your experience of pure awareness?  Do you have a label for the experience? 

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