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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pure Awareness

Being in pure awareness brings you into a totally different realm of existence than what you might be use to. In pure awareness you automatically turn to the inner world and the outer world by taking less thought and more insight to the Source. You become attuned to the silence deep within the core of your very being - the transforming life force - the True Self. You realize that you are more than your body and your mind - you are one with everything that is and everything that isn't.  You are one with the All - the Absolute.

Pure awareness is difficult to describe or explain to someone who has never experienced it, but I will try. The inner world is the innermost depths of your body; all the way to the cells, the molecules, atoms and further. The inner world is everything in the body to infinity. When you are in this realm of being you are no longer the body. The inner world is an experience - it is not thinking or imagining. 

The outer world is everything outside of your body; the trees, sky, stars and beyond. The outer world is everything outside the body to infinity. The outer world is also an experience.

You may have experienced pure awareness at certain times. It may have been when you gazed at a beautiful sunset in awe. For that brief, tender moment you were not your body and you were definitely not in your mind. You were immersed in the beauty and wonderment of the experience, right there, that very moment. In that instance you were one with all that is.

In pure awareness there is no "I" or "me."  Even though there may be chaos all around, all is quiet inwardly and outwardly with silence permeating your experience. A friend of mine was taking a walk along a lake one sunny afternoon when he suddenly realized he was on a spinning planet in infinite space. He relayed is experience to me this way; "Wow! Everything is so vivid. Everything is just happening - going on - movements and colors are very clear and crisp. Every thing is continuous with everything else like a mosaic. No separations. All is contained in an infinite space that stretches out without boundaries. Movement is effortless and there is a feeling of timelessness - a feeling of space without a self or a location - never ending."

To be continued.

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