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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Consciousness and Objects

When you look at another person, a rock, or even yourself in a mirror there is a feeling that all of those objects are separate and definitely distinct from who you truly are.  You can't really put your finger on it but  it seems like you are consciousness and the world is nothing but objects and space. What is this impression of me and them - consciousness and the objective world?

As you ascend into a higher level of consciousness it becomes clear that consciousness and the objective world are one and the same. However, the mind prevents us from seeing the two as one. It prevents us from seeing exactly what is. The mind and the ego are undeniably linked like fleas on a dog. It is possible to rid the dog of fleas and it is possible to rid the mind of ego.

Once the mind is freed from ego everything becomes crystal clear.  We are a perfect blend of consciousness and objects. Once we know our essential nature, self-realization emerges, not as knowledge but as experience of awakening to what is inherent in all of us - Oneness.  Consciousness, body, mind, senses, sound, light, objects and space are all the same - there truly is no difference. Everything we see and do not see, know and do not know, exist and are indelibly the same.  When this inherent experience is allowed to blossom, anything imaginable becomes possible.

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