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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Power of Pure Awareness

The ability to stay in the moment with complete awareness to what is happening outside and inside of you while at the same time being connected to all of the energy in the universe is pure awareness.  When you are in this state of oneness there is no despair of what happened and no fear of what may happen.  And whatever is happening right now, in this very moment, is okay. 

For the most part, most people are focused on themselves - their problems, beliefs, desires, aches and pains and their memories. The other day a person said to me, "I wake up each morning feeling imprisoned in a system stacked against me." Too many people are burdened by the past and the future. They are hoping that things are going to be better in the future; that things are not okay now so things must get better tomorrow or the next day or maybe next year. With this kind of thinking, it is impossible for things to get better.  Many religions and karmic beliefs have hope for a better future, a better afterlife or something that will bring salvation to them later if they do something different and "better" in this life.

This very moment is all there is, and to live in this present moment with total awareness is like waking up from a nightmare and discovering you were having a bad dream. Life without momentious living is a nightmare. Everything seems chaotic with turmoil everywhere. All that can be seen is suffering, disagreements, anger, disease, injustice and on and on. It is no wonder people want to escape to another life - die and go to heaven - be reincarnated as someone or something else. For someone who is living out of the present moment and out of pure awareness there seems to be nothing to live for.

Pure awareness is living without judgment. Everything is going on but there is no reaction to the situation. There are no worries about the past or the future. There is no jumping up and down, yelling and screaming. You simply observe and take action without reacting. Thinking and sensing become very keen and decisions made are with calmness and repose. Decisions are made, not with judging good or bad, but with understanding. The ability to see clearly and act with compassion, sympathy, and empathy is powerful but it is not the most powerful thing that pure awareness provides.

What is most powerful about pure awareness is its infectiousness which can spread to everyone connected with any situation that happens to present itself in the moment. Calmness and understanding become increasingly prevalent and situations that seemed dire and unsolvable become unraveled and mastered.  This is the power of pure awareness. The power is not retained or maintained by any one person but grows and becomes shared by all who are concerned with the experience of the moment.

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