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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Illusion of Time

Most people see time as a way to measure the duration of some activity divided into past, present, and future. This is an illusion which traps one in a linear and limited web of existence.  Many great minds in physics have contemplated, studied and measured the various aspects of time. David Bohm, one of the greatest theoretical physicists of the 20th Century, considers everything in the universe as existing simultaneously - no past, present, or future - only NOW.  "The inseparable quantum interconnectedness of the whole universe is a fundamental reality." The only reason humans think there is time is because of the thinking mind. As long as there are thoughts, there is time.

Karl Pribram, a noted neurophysiologist at Stanford University, did extensive work on human thought and came to the conclusion that, "Free will of thought is based on constraints.  The more constraints the fewer degrees of freedom we have in our thinking."  In other words, the human mind is limited in its understanding of time and space and doesn't have the capacity to understand the concept of no time.
Time only exists subjectively, as long as you are there to be aware of it.  In order for there to be time there has to be the illusion of a you separate from everything else.  As long as you are dividing everything up into the concept of past, present, and future; there will be time.  In order to get out of the constraint of the time concept you must free yourself of thoughts. 

Gestalt Psychology research has demonstrated time and time again that human thinking organizes things in a linear way. This linear way of thinking presents the appearance of time as if there were a past, present, and a future.  There is no way we can get out of it unless we can free ourselves of thoughts. Psychiatrist Milton H. Erickson did extensive research on the human mind and ultimately came to the conclusion that the mind is composed of linear thoughts.  He acknowledged the fact that the past as well as the future are taking place right now in the moment.  To go beyond linear thinking is to see there is no time involved when it comes to the reality of the universe.

If we are going to every go further in our understanding of the universe we must realize that the universe does not obey human reasoning.  As long as we try to explain things explicately through logic and thinking we will never be able to experience the implicate.  The classic model of the universe is composed of separate and independent parts which is a mechanistic view that we will have to overcome if we are to ever understand the totality of reality. Everything living and non-living are bound together as an unbroken whole - intertwined together not as separate entities but as a colloidal mixture.

In the next post I will discuss how you can step out of time and experience no time.

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