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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I have been gone from this site for a week to visit a cousin who has cancer. There were no computers where I was and since I don't have a laptop I didn't have an opportunity to post on the blog.  My cousin lives 1,500 away so I had time to prepare myself at home and on the plane.The visit was an event that I knew could be unpleasant if I wasn't in pure awareness, so I prepared by meditating everyday to keep in touch with the Divine. My cousin lives with his mother (my aunt) who has Alzheimer's and neither one can care for the other. 

When I arrived at their house my cousin was in bed and couldn't get up. His bed was wet with urine and he couldn't walk to the bathroom. My aunt didn't know what was wrong with him and had no idea what to do.  She did know, however, that he was sick. She continually asked me who I was and where I lived. I cared for the two of them the best I knew how. 

By the time I left my cousin was back on his feet, feeding himself, walking around and he drove himself to the grocery store.  The two of them were sitting on the couch drinking coffee and talking about old times when I walked out the door to come home.  Miraculous things can happen in pure awareaness.

I would like to discuss the power of pure awareness on my next post.

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