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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Is it possible for everyone to be purely aware at the same time?

It would take only 36 months, or so, for everybody on earth, all 7 billion of us, to become purely aware if we started out with one person and doubled every month. That will probably never happen because not everyone is in the same stage of being awake at the same time, plus new people are coming in while others are going out every day.

Life is a learning process and people learn at different rates. The ability to learn is a characteristic much like the ability to run fast, jump high or swim. Not everybody is the same and that's a good thing; it's what nature intended. A guru whom I admire is Swami Satchidanda, said, "Don't think that one day the whole world will be enlightened. It is not possible. There are always people who are still learning."

It is impossible for everybody on earth to become totally aware at the same time just as it's impossible for everybody on earth to be able to run a mile in five minutes at the same time or sing the National Anthem at the same time.  Some people will never be able to experience pure awareness in their lifetime, some will be able experience it for brief moments and others will be able to be in that marvelous state of consciousness for long periods of time and maybe even some for their entire life.

That doesn't mean you should give up and forget about working on being purely aware. Anybody can become more aware then they are right now. It just takes wanting to get there. You have to have the intention. That's the first and primary step - intention. After that it's practice with lots of patience.

Keep practicing.

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