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Friday, September 14, 2012

Is it possible? I wonder.

Is it possible for everybody on earth to be purely aware at the same time? By pure awareness I mean the ability to be aware of one's self while at the same time being aware of being connected to the outside world and to a higher power.

And what is awareness?  Awareness is the ability to be in the moment both inside and out. Awareness is noticing what is going on within yourself (thoughts, emotions, feelings, breathing, movement, etc.) while noticing what is going on around you.

So pure awareness is awareness plus one additional, but very important, element - being aware of the Absolute.  Try walking around in pure awareness.  It ain't easy. You might be able to do it for a few seconds or even a few minutes - but all day long?  Forget it.  However, with lots of practice you can learn to be in pure awareness longer and longer, even for hours.

What are the advantages of pure awareness? One advantage is not being forgetful. Have you ever gone into a room to get something and when you got there forgot why you went there?  You forgot because your mind was distracted. While you were going toward the room to get the item you started thinking of something like, "I wonder if Bill is coming home tomorrow."  In that brief moment of distraction the item slipped your mind. If you had been purely aware or even aware, your mind would not have wandered.

If you are purely aware your mind is focused on three elements: 1. self, 2. surroundings, and 3. a higher power. You can call the higher power any name that suits your fancy: God, Absolute, Divine, Allah, Krishna, Brahma, Jesus, or whatever. There isn't enough room on this post to name them all. If you are an atheist you can focus on the goodness within your heart.

When you are in pure awareness there is no way you can harm any living thing because you are everything. You are the mosquito on your arm. You are the bird in the sky. You are the fish in the water. You see living beings as individual entities with souls like your own because it's just one big soul. There is no difference between you and the person you are talking to or the person across the street. We all (mosquitoes, birds, fish, people) have the same desires and wishes for a long, healthy, and joyful life. There is no way you could ever deny another living creature of those values because once you do, you know, you are hurting yourself.

If everyone lived in pure awareness there could never ever be any killings or wars of any kind. Everyone would have compassion for everyone else. There would be cooperation between all individuals. There would be no jealousy, hate, greed, animosity, envy, or any other such negative thoughts and actions.  But is this possible?

On the next post I will try to answer this question.

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