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Monday, September 3, 2012

Controlling Prana

As mentioned in the last post, prana is the ever existing life force. Prana is first mentioned in the Upanishads, primarily the Prasna Upanishad, where it says, "Prana is the soul of the universe, assuming all forms."

Prana may be equated to energy which exists not only in living organisms but nonliving as well. It exists in, around, and between all objects. It is in sunlight and is what enables subatomic particles, atoms, and molecules to move. Prana links all things together. You might say that prana is the matrix in which all things exist.

Although prana is all inclusive and everlasting it can miraculously be controlled. The breath and the mind are the magic elixirs that allow you to bring prana into the body, move it, and direct it. As you inhale, prana automatically flows in and immediately begins circulating into all organs and systems throughout the body. As this occurs, apana (waste products) accumulates. By focusing the mind on the breath you can direct prana into any part of the body. For example, let's say you have an injured knee. You can heal your knee by directing prana into the knee and apana out of the knee.

As you beathe in feel the energy coming into your body and direct it to your knee by focusing on the knee. The breath will follow your focus and the prana will follow the breath. It's that simple. When you exhale you can move apana out of the knee by focusing on the breath again as though it is flowing out of the knee. Of course the breath is not really flowing out of the knee but by focusing on the breath and imagining (mind) that it is flowing out, apana will flow in the directing of the focus. Remember, the breath and the mind are the two forces that control prana. The ability to control prana is called samyama.

Since prana is everywhere and in everything, you basically are prana as is everything else. Although your breath comes into your mouth and nose and flows down to your lungs, prana continues to move into the all the cells, tissues, and organs. By concentrating and focusing on the two elements of breath and body part you can direct prana to any desired location. Prana, breath, and mind become one directional force.

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