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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fear of Death

Fear is a distressing negative emotion induced by a perceived threat to the self.  The perceived threat is usually one which can cause harm or death.  And death is from where all fears originate.  The world in which we live is challenging and uncertain and death is a constant factor, one in which it is said we cannot escape. 

Either unconsciously or consciously the thought, "I don't want to die" emerges from the deep, dark recesses of the mind.  It is ingrained in the neurons of the brain that death is the finally of the self.  It is the self in which you become identified.  The bottom line is, when you understand the self you no longer will fear death.

The self consists of the body and the thoughts of who we think we are.  Thoughts of our past and thoughts of the future are 99% of who we think we are.  In essence we are none of these things. The past exists somewhere in our brain and the future is nonexistence, so where does that leave us?  The only thing that really exists is the present moment and we usually don't dwell there; for any great length of time anyway.

The body can't be who we are.  The body is composed mainly of water (80%), and the rest is bone, muscle, and connective tissues.  Mechanical appendages can be wired up to corresponding nerves and the artificial apparati will work much like the real appendages.  The skeletal system is simply a framework to which muscle fibers connect and move, not unlike the mechanical appendages.  Hearts, lungs, and blood vessels are replaceable by artificial ones, so the body is not much different than a machine.  Both are subject to decay either by rust, corrosion or decomposition.  Yet, we believe we are the body.

The one thing that doesn't decay in the body or the the mind is energy.  Energy not only exists in the body and mind but it also exists everywhere in the universe. The first law of thermodynamics states that, "Energy can change from one form to another but it cannot be created or destroyed."  You are surrounded by energy, your body is composed of energy, and both are inextricably connected.  The fact is, you are energy - the force, the the power, the spirit that dwells in all beings and non-beings.

Energy exists everywhere and in everything.  Consciousness and energy are one and the same.  When the body quits working, decays and wastes away consciousness still remains.  The self (body and thoughts of past and future) no longer remain but consciousness endures.  Once you realize this fact death is not an issue.

You can discover this fact for yourself.  Lie down or sit in a comfortable position - as comfortable as possible.  Place pillows, comforters, bolsters around, under, on top of you - whatever it takes to be as close to zero gravity as possible. Be very quiet with as many of your senses abated as possible. You can put shooter's ear muffs over your ears and something over your eyes. The only thing that should remain of the self will be your thoughts and breath.

Allow your awareness to focus on your breathing and allow thoughts to come and go at will.  Stay in that modus operandi for some time - an hour if possible.   A single practice will not be sufficient to become completely separate from your thoughts. The more you practice the less important thoughts will become.  Eventually, the you, the real you will become free from body and thoughts.  The first thing you may notice is a feeling of energy or vibrations.  You will probably become aware of air flowing in and out of the energy.  The energy and the air will become one and the same. You will no longer be stuck in the self.  Thoughts will become distant objects. You will no longer be the body and the thoughts.

If you look at a clock before and after this practice you will eventually notice how time seems to stand still.  One hour or more will pass like it was nothing.  That's because there is no time when there is no self.  Time only exists when you are in your body and mind.  You still exist but time, body and mind do not.  You exist as energy and consciousness.  You know you exist but you have no sense of body and no sense of thoughts.  It is as if you are in deep, non-dreaming sleep, but you are not asleep.  You are fully awake and conscious. 

When the body wastes away, energy, which you truly are, still remains.  There is no need to fear death because it only exists in the mind.  The True Self exists eternally.

WARNING!  If you have any mental problem don't try this at home.

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