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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mindfulness Practice 1

As you probably know already, mindfulness is the ability to be in the moment without judging.  Simply said but not easily accomplished.  So, with that said, here is the first practice of mindfulness you can try when you get around to it:

While you are working on the computer, emailing a friend, reading your email, or whatever you are doing on the computer; notice the images, words, and colors on the screen. Feel your body in the chair.  Allow awareness to go to your hands on the keyboard and your feet on the floor.  Notice your breathing.  Let your awareness expand beyond the screen to sounds around you, perhaps light coming into the room, emotions you may be feeling this very moment, and possibly even staying in the moment with thoughts of the past and the future.  Yes, you can have thoughts of the past and the future and still be mindful as long as you know you are having those thoughts right now in the moment.

See how long you can stay in this state of mindfulness before drifting off into waking sleep or absorption.  Waking sleep is when your body is doing one thing and your mind is doing something else, such as typing on the keyboard while thinking of what you will be doing tomorrow.  Absorption is when you become so engrossed in a project or event you become unaware of things in and around you.

Good luck with mindfulness.

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