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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Human Mind

 Every day you can see on television and read in the newspaper about all kinds of mayhem. The human mind seems to be inherently flawed beyond repair in many people. Wars upon wars, serial killings, mass murders, etc. seem to be the norm over the many millennia. But at the same time there have been remarkable acts of kindness, self sacrifices, heroic deeds, and selfless acts. 

The human mind appears to be either salutary or malevolent with various degrees in between.  Societies have tried to abate "bad" behaviors through the death penalty, imprisonment, punishment, pharmacology, psychotherapy, etc., etc, etc, but they haven't put but a tiny dent on these destructive acts of behavior. 

Scientific research, in just the last two years, show how meditation, mindfulness, and yoga can change the brain and the mind for the better. Psychological problems such as anger, anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), insomnia, hyperactivity, low self-esteem, and bipolar disorder can be significantly helped through the practices of meditation, mindfulness, and yoga.  

As you know, the simple practice of observing one's thoughts can make unbelievable positive changes in the mind and therefore emotions and actions. It is about time we put this practice into full gear. I am suggesting that those of you who know what meditation, mindfulness, and yoga can do, begin spreading the word by any and all means possible.  Please get involved. The world needs you. 

Be a teacher. Just point the person directly to his own mind and let him see his own true nature.

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