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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Transcendence from Person to Human (cont'd)

Vertical transcendence requires one to observe thoughts as they occur (intrapersonal reflection). To immediately reflect upon thoughts requires conscious effort but has enormous benefits. The benefits include not only being able to sleep better, have less anxiety, and less worry but also to rise above a reflexive lifestyle.

To practice intrapersonal reflection you must be specific without judgment. When you have a negative thought, for example, take time to consciously note your feelings as they occur. This is not an easy thing to do. It takes guts and fortitude, like a warrior of personal mind and body. Write down your feelings in thoughts, actions, and emotions as closely as possible to how you are experiencing them right now in the moment. Yes, this requires having a pen or pencil with notebook at hand, but only for a short time.

Life moves so fast we often get lost in the past and the future and forget to live in the moment. The practice of immediately reflecting on what you just thought and experienced helps you to understand yourself better. The miracle of reflecting is that it creates a current of self-awareness that brings information into your life that you would have otherwise never noticed.

The practice of reflecting is the art of looking at yourself honestly with the basic of attitude of self-acceptance. When a negative thought appears and a feeling arises simply write a sentence or even a few words. If you are the writing type you might write a paragraph or even a story. The sky is the limit. See if you can describe your thoughts and feelings with objectivity. In other words write as though you are observing them as another person. Become the witness. 

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