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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Transcendence from Person to Human (cont'd)

Up to this point we have talked about vertical transcendence; the ever increasing growth of consciousness through self-inquiry. It is called "vertical" because it is an adventure of personal upward  growth with greater understanding of the self.  Vertical transcendence requires both subjective and objective inquiry to gain that growth.  First, experiencing one's own self subjectively develops full actualization and comprehension of self reality in the fullest sense. Secondly, the study of the self as an object is necessary for reflecting on that reality. However, vertical transcendence cannot make a person a human by itself. There are other parameters required.

Full transcendence has to be in three planes: vertical, horizontal, and spherical. Full awareness is necessary in order to expand in all three directions. All three are essential for the human to exist. The aspect of an intrapersonal transcendence is characterized by a vertical movement and that of an interpersonal transcendence is horizontal. Not only does personal self growth occur through the vertical and horizontal but also through expansion toward the divine. This is what allows one's consciousness to expand multidimensionly.

Horizontal Transcendence   

Human consciousness is not static but constantly changes with greater understanding of the self and its relationship with others. Once the self is understood and realized it can be revealed to others in a personalized way by focusing on qualitative growth in a collective manner. This in effect makes the ego experience itself as the object.

Seeing the self and the ego as objects allows consciousness to grow outward as well as upward. The bigger Self is revealed and the sky opens into the "We" consciousness. At this point it is clearly understood that consciousness is collective not singular or personal. All sentient beings are connected like drops of water in the ocean. There is no delineation of beings. There is no longer duality. There cannot be one form among many because it is all formless. Everything extends into everything else and it all exists as aspects of itself.

Continued on next post.

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