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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Transcendence from Person to Human (cont'd)

Vertical and horizontal transcendence are two very important components for moving from person consciousness to human consciousness, but growth is not complete without the third which is spherical transcendence. Qualitative reflection on yourself moves personal experiences vertically and qualitative reflection in a collective manner moves relationship experiences horizontally.  Vertical and horizontal transcendence allows clarity of the true Self to grow collectively. By adding spherical transcendence to the ingredients maximizes growth to its fullest potential.

Spherical Transcendence 

Looking to the vertical, horizontal, and spherical dimensions of an experience grows one's consciousness multidirectionly. Growth may be slow but it is constant and steady. Patience is indeed a virtue in this case. In working with spiritual growth it must be remembered that what may seem transitive and only temporary actually grows over time.

Interpretations of what it means to be human is tantamount in understanding the whole human experience. That is why spherical transcendence must be included in the understanding. It is very important to be able to describe the fullness of human existence and go beyond the personal to the divine. The human is not static within the divine but is constantly changing with further understanding.     

As pointed out in the last few posts, vertical transcendence is achieved through intrapersonal understanding and horizontal transcendence through interpersonal understanding.  Spherical transcendence, on the other hand, is achieved through extrapersonal understanding. Extrapersonal understanding is growth outward in all directions - beyond the self and the ego. It is freedom from being rooted in consciousness.  Spherical transcendence is often referred to as pure awareness.  

Extrapersonal understanding is not an understanding as in comprehending, discernment, or reasoning.  It is a knowing without thinking. It could be said to be "mind blowing" because it is wider and deeper than any experience. 

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