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Friday, October 11, 2013


When you take a breath in, oxygen is transported from your lungs into your blood and carried to the cells of your body. The cells take in the oxygen and use it to remove excess hydrogen atoms that were produced during cellular respiration, growth, cell division, and hundreds of other vital functions. When the oxygen (02) combines with the hydrogen (H+), water (H20) is formed.  If this didn't happen H+ would accumulate and kill the cells. That is why oxygen is so vital to living, breathing cells. It takes the toxins out of the cells.

As all of this oxygen, hydrogen, and water exchange is taking place another very important thing is happening. Glucose is being transported into the cells and broken down into smaller and smaller molecules. The process of breaking down glucose releases energy in the form of electrons. The electrons run the machinery (movement, cell division, growth, etc.) of the cells.

Oxygen and glucose (OG) are not distributed equally to all cells. Some get more and some get less depending on the need at the time. For instance, if you are doing squats OG will be directed more toward your leg muscles and not so much to the muscles in your upper body parts. If you are sitting at a desk and studying hard, OG will be directed to your brain. What does all of this have to do with anything?

If you know how to breathe correctly when working out, doing yoga, walking, or just moving you can help the process of OG being directed toward the muscles or organs that need it the most. There are two principles involved in the process: breathing out during exertion and directing the flow of energy (OG) with your mind. That's right; the mind. 

Continued on the next post.

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