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Thursday, October 3, 2013

We Live in Two Worlds

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile; I've been away in Montana visiting the grizzly bears.  However, while flying over this country and living in the mountains I had a lot of time to muse on what it means to be here now with all the magnificent beauty that surrounds us.

It dawned on me that there are two worlds in which we live: the non-spiritual world and the spiritual world. The non-spiritual world reflects egoistic behavior while the spiritual world reflects selfless behavior. I hasten to add, however, that they are not separate in the true sense of the word but rather tend to merge apart and together like clouds floating in and out of one another. Sometimes one is bigger and sometimes the other one is bigger.

The ego can become inactive, more or less, and we can be in the spiritual world temporarily but still in the non-spiritual world holding on by a thread, sort of in a state of limbo, between spiritual and non-spiritual worlds. The non-spiritual world is actually the manifestation of desires that originate in the mind. When the heart takes over, desires weaken and selflessness blossoms.

The non-spiritual world is not a separate world but rather a state in which one's soul yearns to return to its roots in the spiritual world, where it is in direct contact with the Creator, the selfless vitality of life. When you leave the non-spiritual world and go into the spiritual world, for however long it may be, you experience the transformation from egoism to selflessness and love. The experience is so profound that there is a desire to experience it more often and become closer to the Creator. A new and different kind of desire emerges, not from the mind but from the heart.

The desire for spirituality allows us to see clearly, and is the key to our transformation from egoism to selflessness. This is the only desire that will bring us closer to the Creator because it is both powerful and selfless. As we get closer to the Creator we will perceive reality differently. 

This process of transformation is what our soul yearns for with or without our knowing it. It is an innate process of evolution that may take several years, several decades, or maybe even several life times. Who knows? But it is there whether we like it or not and the process will occur whether we are aware of it or not. We don't even have to try. However, with awareness and active participation, we can help precipitate its unfolding and make it more compelling and satisfying. 

Through the practice of meditation and awareness we can get closer and closer to the spiritual world and merge with it sooner. This is the ability we have as humans, and we can take it or leave it. The desire for spirituality is the key ingredient for the transformation.

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