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Thursday, October 24, 2013

There was an Old Woman

There was an old woman
who had a mole
on the bottom of her toe.

When she walked to the store
you could hear her complain,
"Oh dear, oh dear, I am in such pain."

She wondered what to do.
So she went to the doctor to seek a solution.
"Nothing can be done" was his conclusion.

She would sit for hours
with her toe in the river
but all it did was get bigger and bigger.

The toe and the mole
become very famous.
But soon they wondered
if it was contagious.

They took the old woman
and locked her away.
And there she stayed day after day.

Days turned into months
and months into years,
and finally the people had no more fears.

Everyone forgot about the old lady
until  one day they looked in the  prison
and saw the old woman was missin.

They looked high and low
but couldn't find the old woman
with the big toe and mole.

Where could she be they wondered.
Then someone saw the hole
that was dug by the mole.


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