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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Heal Thyself

The mind and the breath are very powerful healing tools when used correctly. There is an old saying, "Where the mind goes the energy will follow." 

 While hiking in Colorado a few years ago my knee hurt so bad I couldn't go any further. I finally limped back to the automobile and drove to the cabin. I was familiar with the healing power of the mind and the breath so I lied down on the bed and concentrated on my knee. As I breathed in, I focused on my hurting knee and visualized my breath bringing in healing light. I would hold my breath for about 10 seconds and allow the energy to circulate around, in, and through the various tendons, ligaments, and bones of the knee. I would then breathe out and visualize toxins, poisons, and pain leaving the knee. I did this breathing practice for 30 minutes.

After the breathing practice I knew my knee was healed. It just felt okay. I called to my wife and said, "Let's go hiking up the mountain outside the cabin."  She said, "What about your knee?"  I replied, "It's okay now.  Let's give it a go."  We hiked all the way to the top, which took us about an hour, and I had no pain. The knee was like new.

I have used this breathing practice many times since then for a sprained ankle, torn rotator cuff muscles, pulled back and hamstring muscles, and even headaches.  I believe it could even work on internal organ problems like Parkinson's disease, kidney ailments, ruptured spinal discs, and much more. That's my hypothesis.   

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