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Friday, August 31, 2012

Learning to move prana

Prana is the "life force" that exists everywhere. Prana is energy. It is outside your body as well as inside. Prana may be moving or stationary. When prana is moving through your body it carries energy into your body and moves wastes and toxins out. The primary force which moves prana is "pranayama" - the breath.

However, breath alone cannot move prana in a directed manner. Breath must be combined with the focus of the mind in order to move prana from one place to another. You can move prana from the outside to the indside of your body and from one area of the body to another. Being able to focus is a very important component of prana movemet.

In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali says, "Pranayama involves the regulation of exhalation, inhalation and suspension of the breath. It also involves focusing the mind on the process." Sutra 2.50.  This is one of the primary objectives of yoga;  moving prana into and through the body.

The third, and last, component of prana movement is asana. Asana may be stationary or a series of asanas  (vinyasa). The asana puts your body in a position so that you can feel the sensation of stretch. Various asanas emphasize specific stretches. A series of asanas performed in a sequence (vinyasa) allows stretches to occur as a flow of stretch sensations throughout the body.

With resolute practice using breath, focus, and asanas you will begin to feel prana moving through various parts of your body like water flowing in a river. The restrictions in your body will begin to erode away like the rough edges of river rocks.

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