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Friday, November 16, 2012

Going deeper into calming the mind

In order to calm an overactive mind you can transfer energy from the brain to the body by focusing your attention on your body. The body, more or less, acts as an anchor for the mind. I gave an example in the last post about getting into bed to go to sleep and finding the mind thinking of all kinds of things, keeping you awake when you would rather go to sleep.

Rather than getting caught up in the troubling thoughts you can choose to calm the mind by focusing on your hands and then to other parts of your body until you are focusing on the whole body - "feeling" your hands, arms, breathing, torso, legs, feet, toes, etc. This practice brings energy from the head to the body and the "monkey mind" will usually stop automatically.This is an easy practice but it does take practice and the more you practice the stronger it gets.


The good thing about this practice is you don't need any props or higher learning. The only thing you need is an overactive mind. And anybody can do it.

If energy creeps back into the mind and random, troubling thoughts start up again, it simply means you have lost focus. You can refocus on the hands and continue back to the rest of the body. If this doesn't work you may need to enhance your focus more on some specific area or areas of the body.  Using your breath you can focus more intently on one part of the body such as the heart chakra. By doing this you can concentrate and maintain energy in that particular part of body. This more keenly focused breathing may work better for you.  

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