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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Real You

We wear many identities and  hope we will never reveal the real one. Who we think we are is like a stone with many facets. But we think we know the real self - the one nobody knows.

You may be a father or a mother, a brother or a sister, a man or a woman, a husband or a wife, a child, a teacher, an engineer, and so on. For each role you play you are a different character. As a father you don't play the same role as you do as a husband.

Who we think we are is superficial and only for the moment, depending on people around us. But when we are alone we know our true identity. Our, at least, we think we know.

We fail to distinguish thoughts from reality and words from thoughts. And we think if we can label something we understand it.

We identify so closely with our thoughts that we often mistake our thoughts for who we are. Thoughts get in the way of reality.

Get a reality check by being the Witness of your thoughts. Sit alone and simply allow thoughts to occur. Don't try to get rid of the thoughts, pay attention to them. See them in front of you, getting further and further away. The real you is greater than all the thoughts in the world.

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