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Sunday, December 9, 2012

It Just Is

There seem to be objects within space as you look out over the landscape.  That is; there are things like trees, houses, clouds, animals, and so on, and between the objects is space. But what you see is not necessarily what is. Objects and space are made of the same stuff - energy. 

Let's take a quick look at the quantum level of this energy stuff.  "Quantum" means the minimal amount possible of any physical aspect. In quantum physics a photon is the minimal amount in which light can be reduced.  A quark is the minimal amount in which matter can be reduced. Then there are things called leptons and gluons.  But the question remains - What are these infinitesimally small particles made of? 

All of this is fine and dandy when dealing with the physical world of "reality." Objects, space, photons, quarks, etc. are nothing more than concepts constructed from what scientists believe to be true about the physical world at the present time. One hundred years from now what will the concepts be?

Leave all of this "stuff" behind and step into pure awareness.  There you will find the answer to what is. That is, if you want to find out. Not everyone does. Anything you can see, touch, smell, feel, taste or imagine is a manifestation of the mind. Leave the mind behind and see what remains.

In order to leave your mind behind you must first be able to observe thoughts. Thoughts originate from the mind so if you become the witness of your thoughts you will understand that you are not your thoughts. You cannot be something that you observe because you are the one doing the observing.

Form an image in your mind such as an apple or the face of a friend.  Notice you are not the image but the one observing the image. You have become the witness of your thought . 

If you can observe thoughts; ask yourself, "Who is doing the observing?"  And then observe the observer - you.  And what remains?  Some people report having an experience of nothingness while others notice that they are being observed by something greater - more vast and expansive than a simple observer.

Whatever you may experience when going beyond the observer is anything but objects, space, and energy. It may be called the "Absolute" or the "Divine."  It is beyond your mind and your body. It is beyond consciousness and even beyond an experience. It just is.

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