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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Who's in Control - You or Your Brain?

When you have a thought such as "I am going to raise my arm," you can either raise your arm or not raise you arm. You can have the thought but you don't have to raise your arm if you don't want to. Try it. In one case, you raise your arm and in the other case you don't raise your arm. The thought is not what raises the arm.

In order for the arm to be raised there must be an impulse generated in the brain that sends an electrical charge to the target muscle. It takes approximately 0.5 seconds from the time the impulse is generated in the brain to when the arm is raised. The impulse in the brain is not the thought. Somehow the impulse is generated by something other than the thought.

If the thought doesn't cause the arm to be raised what does? In researching all of the available data available to me it seems that nobody, and I mean nobody, knows. Does the "spark" that causes the arm to be raised come from somewhere in the brain that hasn't been discovered?  Does it come from the unconscious mind?  Does it come from outside the brain?

To me there seems to be an underlying unity in that everything is connected with everything else.  I agree that the brain's activity and the raising of the arm seem to be two separate events when looked at from the explicate level of observation. But deep down there is no difference. The composition of everything is the same and it all flows together as one total unit. There is no them and us. 

Whatever the case it certainly seems that you are not hostage to your brain. You are not your brain.  You are greater and beyond the brain and its activities. Basically, no one is in control.

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