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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mind-Body Machine

When your father's sperm fertilized your mother's egg you became one cell and that one cell divided, continued to divide and finally grew into a body. Once born a mind came into existence. Today you might identify the body and mind as who you are - the mind-body machine.  Do you think you are the machine?  Take a deep look within the core of your being and see if it is true.

We often believe we are the body and the mind.  It keeps telling us what we did, what we experienced and what we expect to happen in the future. Rarely does the machine come into the present moment. If it does come into the present moment it doesn't stay there long. It is not the nature of the machine to stay in the moment because it has been programed to think of the past and look to the future. It believes it is too boring and useless to be in the present moment.

Attachment to the mind-body machine is very strong.  It takes courage and resolution to go beyond it. Courage because one must have a brave heart and resolution because it doesn't happen over night. To look deep into one's core is like leaving home and leaving behind all possessions. Not everyone wants to and not everyone is even willing to attempt it. But going beyond the machine leaves behind all fears that have slowly crept in from birth to this present moment.

The fear of death, the fear of losing a loved one, the fear of losing money, the fear of the future, on and on permeates the mind-body. As long as you are attached to the mind-body machine this sickness must be experienced. There is no getting out of it unless you see the light that is beyond the machine. The light is the true you - the I Am - the Absolute.

You are present right here this very moment and are not confined to the machine.  Look deep within the core of your very being and you will discover nothing but infinite space and energy. When the mind and the body are gone you will remain. The space and the energy that is you is everywhere. You are everything and everything is you.

Everything is changing except the permanent you - the infinite space and energy. Even things that look permanent like rocks, trees, ocean, and even the sun are impermanent. When you find that impermanence in yourself there will be absolute peace and harmony with all beings and all things.

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