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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beyond the Normal State of Consciousness

Normal consciousness can be said to be that state of wakefulness when you know you are alive, embodied, and thinking.  Consciousness may also include being asleep; both dreamless sleep and dreaming sleep.  These points can be argued but for sake of non-arguing let's move on.


The state of consciousness when you are awake has four different levels of consciousness, which you can discover for yourself by simply observing yourself throughout the day.  The levels are discussed in the previous post on this blog.  


To go into and stay in the higher states of consciousness requires practice and effort.  You might go into the highest state, awareness, for a few hours or even maybe a few days but eventually you will find yourself back in the lower levels.  Why is that?  


 Why can't we stay in the higher levels?  It is basically because of distractions.  And the ego has a lot to do with it too.  Just about the only way to stay in the higher states is to become completely isolated from society and all of its distractions.  But the normal, average person can't do that.  We must be engaged and active in the world if we want to experience what life is all about.  Can't we be engaged and active in life and at the same time aware?


 To be continued on the next post.    

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