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Monday, June 24, 2013

Body-Mind Entities

Your body is material and your mind is immaterial.  The word "immaterial" in this case does not mean unimportant, it means spiritual as in not physical.  The difference between these two entities (body and mind) is mainly how you view them.

As quantum physics is beginning to show and what yogic experience has known for a long time, the body and the mind are both entities of energy.  The body is simply visible and the mind is not.  As with all things material we know there is no finite ingredient.  Down to the smallest, scientifically measurable minutia there will always be something smaller.  The quantum world is infinite which is impossible for the human brain to fathom.

Science looks outside using objectivity in trying to explain truth.  Subjectivity is rarely used, if at all, in trying to investigate the mysteries of reality.  It is starting to become clear that in order to really and truly understand reality we must get out of the thinking mind and look deeper within the subjective world.

By going beyond the confines of the mind it is possible to experience reality to a greater extent than ever imagined.  Some call subjective investigation voodoo science or pseudoscience because they have not experienced what subjective science can do.  Many scientists and laymen alike still stick to materialism and objectivity because it is the only way they know to look at the world.  To look at the world any other way would go against their "proven" paradigm.  

How do you subjectively look at the world to discover truth?  That is the discussion in my next post.
Hope to see you there.

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