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Friday, June 21, 2013

More Beyond the Normal State of Consciousness

It seems there is another state of consciousness, or maybe it should be called another self, that exists between normal consciousness and the true Self. This state of consciousness is one of no ego but yet is not one of complete non-duality and oneness.

The state I am talking about cannot be called normal consciousness nor can it be said to be the true Self.  It is more like a self that has grown out of the ego self and has not yet connected fully with the Absolute.  It is a state of existence where you can respond to any situation with calmness and serenity.  There is nothing that can really push your buttons to cause irritation, fear, impatience, or any other negative response. 

One can live completely in the moment and yet at the same time be fully engaged with what life has to offer.  It seems to be the deepest and truest sense of who we really are.  No longer are we restricted by desires, wants, and fears.  We are awake in the present moment.  All the years of spiritual practice, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga have brought us to this point in our life where we are totally relaxed with whatever happens.  There is no longer a struggle to achieve anything.

For the lack of a better term I would like to call this state of being  the "transitional self."  It can be called anything but it is still what it is - a wonderful place between normal consciousness and the true Self.  Whatever it is it is a blessing.  

Maybe the so called "transitional self" is actually the last one or two remaining sheaths covering the true Self.  Maybe the true Self will be uncovered once we have discarded these last few shrouds that hold on tenaciously to the ego self.  The progress is slow but now there is no turning back.  


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