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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Stay Strong and Healthy

The body and the mind operate in concert like an orchestra.  When one is out of tune the other suffers.  Keep your body strong and your mind healthy and the concert will always be in tune. 

A strong body means not only being able to carry one's own weight with ease but also being flexible in both movement and attitude.  A healthy mind is one that maintains a positive outlook. 

Keep your body strong with exercise and eating healthy foods.  Things that pollute the body will make it weak and inflexible.  With all the information available today there is no excuse for not knowing what to and what not to put into your body.  Ignorance is no excuse. 

Keep your mind healthy by exercising it as well.  Be creative in everything you do.  Work on puzzles.  Be active and participate in group discussions.  Always look toward the positive side of life.
Meditate regularly. 

A healthy mind will make for a strong body and a strong body will make for a healthy mind.  Stay strong and healthy.

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