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Friday, May 10, 2013

Healing Flow of Shakti

Directing a flow of healing energy into an ailing part of your body is possible and quite doable.  If you have a headache, joint pain, injury or any other problem with your body you can direct shakti (energy) into that area to help heal it.

This does not mean that you should overlook other forms of healing such as medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, etc.  By all means use anything at your disposal that might help heal your body.  The healing power of pranayama is just one of many solutions available. 

As stated in the last post, energy can be directed into your body with the power of your mind and breath.  For example, if you want to bring energy into your shoulder, concentrate and focus bringing your breath into that area of your body.  As you breathe in visualize energy flowing into your shoulder like a river flowing over, in, and through an impedance.  Hold your breath momentarily and visualize energy circulating in that area.  When you breathe out visualize toxins, pain, and wastes flowing out of every pore and cell of your shoulder.

Do not let your thoughts waver.  Be focused and breathe slowly concentrating on every breath.  Lead the breath into that part of your body you want healed. Do this for at least twenty minutes. In the beginning this is best done while lying down with no distractions.  After twenty or thirty minutes you should feel relief from whatever was bothering you   Once you get use to the technique you can practice it while walking. 

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